Set planing speed

Could the user set the Planing Spéed per session. I wingfoil which planes quite low depending on foil.



no users can’t change planing speed. The reason is that screens/sessions should be comparable between users.

But, to get proper statistics for Wingfoling, just go to the edit session screen, there change the discipline, in the discipline list scroll to the end, and there you will find Wingfoil.

does that make sense?

I find very few of my gybes to be classed as planing (it’s quite depressing). I’ve had several sessions where I thought I’d planed out of most of my gybes, only to find them classed as non planing.
I’m not sure if my watch sampling rate isn’t high enough, but it would be nice to adust the minimum planing speed as some boards plane at lower speeds than others.

Please, re-consider the decision “no users can’t change planing speed.”
I’m quite sure that if we ask all the app users, most users would like to change the planing speed.
I don’t care about comparing my data with other users.
I propose to all the user to give a vote on this matter.
Thank you.

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hi @John_Dyson,
is it possible that you could send me an example file to:
What device did you used for recording?
Did you where on foil or fin?

The planing speed is very similar between all boards, it is just that some boards accelerate easier/faster to planing speed than others.
Planing speed just differs on sail boat classes as those have very different dimensions.
Windsurf boards, even they have different dimensions, the planing speed just differs in 0.0… area.

Just send me the file and I will have a look. But planing jibes are hard. It is not to plane out of a jibe, it is to plane while jibing.
Does this make sense?

Yea. I love to compare my gybe success on the choppy waters of my local Lake with those that have the luxury of flat water! :smiley: (we do have flatter water near the edges, but there’s no wind there).
I actually really only want to compare my own sessions, to see what works and what doesn’t.
I’d love to be able to change the planning speed, even if it was just for my own viewing. (BTW - I plane out of most of my gybes at flat water locations).
What is the speed currently set to? It looks like about 14mph - which seems a bit harsh. I have boards ranging from Formula - 70l wave, do they all really plane at the same speed?
I love everything else about the app BTW.

Hi John,

I understand your request, but the idea of the app is to be comparable. If such a feature existed every user would use it, and as such sessions would be no more comparable. Also, the trust in the app will get lost as no one will know how everyone configured the planing speed.

If you look at the speed graph, you will see where the planing speed is for your sport and discipline.

Does it make sense?