Would be great to have a playback option

Feature Request: Would be great if WST supported replay (or playback) of GPS trace from the completed sessions.

I really like to replay my GPS traces to inspect my wave riding (on wing foil) from my completed session (this is next best thing to having someone film my entire session … which is not happening, unfortunately).

Currently, I export my WST sessions as GPX, upload to my laptop and play them back in Google Earth Pro. This works well but is several extra steps.


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thank you very much for the great feedback.
It’s a nice idea. I will add it.
Downside, I’m still working a very big update of the app, that still need some time and needs to be finished first. The changes i do there will allow such features as you wish and there will be a lot more to come, time by time.

hope you can wait a bit.