Trim start and end of session

First of all thanks heaps for developing this apps, it is so good! A common issue I and some of my mates have is we sometimes forget to stop the app at the end of a run. It’s not too much of a bid deal if you forget while packing your gear, it will mess up a bit your planning time stats but that’s ok. It is more a problem if you start driving with the app still recording, then all your stats will be messed up. I was thinking it would be great to add a feature allowing you to trim your runs. Ideally you could do so from the map since it is pretty easy to work out when you are not in the water from there!


Please see also Manually trim/split sessions

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Hi Alex,
thanks a lot for the feedback, the idea is on our to-do list :slight_smile:

a thing that might help could be to use voice feedback.
If you turn on voice feedback and set it to a lower speed, then while you are back on land, you still hear the voice feedback telling you that you move around at 1km/h or so, and this reminds you to stop the recording.

maybe it is an intermediate solution until we have implemented the feature.