Manual input for planing

Hi, would be nice to have manual input for planning. 12mph is to high for me. Especially on foil. My starboard race foil lowest speed 10.5mph, ocean surf 8mph, horue 8mph.

Fin riders yes for 12mph.

Weight factor has input too. Who will plane soonest 55kg or 80kg? You know answer.

Please make this addition/change in app.

Hi Darius,

the idea that users can’t change the planing threshold, is that everyone can compare with each other.
If everyone could set planing speed by themself, you could not compare the sessions and statistics.

If you use a foil, did you checked the 2 foil disciplines?

The weight doesn’t have an impact on the planing speed threshold.
Everyone starts planing at the same speed. It’s just that lighter sailors can use big sails in light wind, where heavier sailors would need a lot bigger sail.

So lighter sailors have the option to go sailing in lighter winds, can sail faster if they can use the same sail size.
But they can’t sail as fast as heavier sailors if they don’t use extra weights.

does it make sense?

Yes it make sense. But for me it gives wrong perspective foiling. I know, I was flying more than non planning. Some times get 98% foiling in session, but app cuts 20-30off to non planning.

That is incorrect.

At least i should be changed when you click on foil to lower planning speed.

Another thing I’m using GPS watch and can see every time my planning speed. Example I need to move (slogging) minimum at 5.6mph to get pumping and than I can fly. But if we have 2 sailors same sizes of sail but 30lbs different weight, lighter will start foil soonest.

I’m suggested to change only treshhold for foiling, finning is different story. Manual input, example 9mph min. or switch to higher, depending on foil.

Every foils is different too. High aspect and low aspect. They will give totally different planning too.

I’m using this app for my self, but not to compare with others, well it’s ok to compare. :slight_smile:


have you tried the Lightwind Foil discipline?
The test I made with foils (race foils only) showed me that I started foiling at planing speed, but as I’m not a foil pro this was maybe just because of “passive” foiling.

So what foil thresholds would you recommend for a race foil and a light wind foil?

yes if the sailors use the same size of the sail, for sure the lighter ones have benefits here.

one goal of this app is comparing, either with others or with your self.
And it should be as easy as possible, so everyone could do it and see how he/she is making progress.

Because as you may remember, the beginning of windsurfing is hard and takes a while. If you can’t see any progress you might want to give up.
Same later when you are working on planing jibes / gybes :slight_smile: etc etc.

For race foil treshhold 10mph

ok with the next update, the threshold for race foil will be updated to 10mph