Improvements for wave sports

Hi Matthias,

And congrats for the great work, I love your app for wingfoiling !

I have 2 feature suggestions which would make your app become by far the best all-round foil-tracking app on Android I reckon, both for wind sports and for waves sports :

1- In the activities there is some “Sup foil”, but not the following 2 foil activities which are very very popular at the moment :

  • “Surf foil” (aka “Prone foil”) = just foiling on waves and paddling back in between waves.
  • “Dock start foil” (aka “Pump foil”) = launching from a dock and pumping with your legs as long as you can.

I guess those activities would have almost the same thresholds as “Sup foil”, as instead of using a paddle to come back to the peak or the dock you use your arms which is just a bit slower than using a paddle.

It would still interesting to have 3 different types to make stats for one single sport.

2- To be even more usable for "Surf foil, “Sup foil” and “Dock Start foil” it would be absolutely awesome if the app could show for those 3 activities the individual details of distance, duration and speed for each time flying on a foil during a session (= each wave on “Surf foil” or “Sup foil” or = each pumping attempt on “Dock start foil”)

I’m of course more than happy to help test those features if you need testers.

Cheers !


thank you very much for your great feedback:)

I can tell you, that I’m already working on version 2. And with version 2, a lot more disciplines will be possible:) so also the 2 you want to have.
And also more statistics will come, as you wish.

the downside is, that I still need time to finish all this and other new and big features. I hope can wait, and still enjoy the app.

best regards

Hi ,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply,
That’s absolutely great news, can’t wait to try out this version 2 !
All the best with the development work involved !

Cheers !

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