How to use data from Garmin devices

At the moment,

the GPX export from Garmin does not export speed values. That’s why GPX import from Garmin devices shows different speed values in WindsportTracker as in the device.

To make this a little better you can use a software called: GPSBabel to transform Garmin Fit data to GPX ones.

Fit mean: Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer

This means,

  • On your Garmin device export to FIT
  • Open GPX Balbel and convert FIT to GPX (with default settings.)
  • Import the GPX file from Babel into WindsportTracker.

This should make the speed values better.
Why just better and not equal. This is because for correct speed analyses besides the speed itself we need some Signal quality data, or sometimes called error values. Garmin itself knows these values. But they don’t show these values in their exports nor they allow any other app that runs on a Garmin device to receive these data.
Without these data, no one can say if the current speed value is correct or not.
That’s why speed values, will differ in WindsportTracker compared to Garmin.

To avoid this, even more, you should only look at the longer speed measurements. like the 10s or 500m, or 5x 10s values.