Garmin gpx import not working

Hi, I really love your app but I’ve been using my phone in a “waterproof” bag and it was only a matter of time before something bad happens to my phone. I recently purchased a Garmin Instinct gps watch and have exported a gpx file from the Garmin Explore mobile app to your Windsport Tracker app. Windsport Tracker says it imported and updated the gear and statistics, but the track session date and time are December 1969 timestamp, and there is no data, track or map. (See attached screen shots) Are there known issues importing Garmin gpx tracks or can you give me any help suggestions?Thank you! Rob


I’m sorry that you had a problem with the waterproof bag. I will talk to a new company about what they offer and will place my idea what kind of waterproof bags we need and how they can be built. Let’s see what happens.

To come back to your original question.
There was a change from the Garmin side during the last month that caused some troubles. For these, you can expect an update by Friday (it’s already waiting in the play store for approval from Google). But this sounds like a different problem.

Can you try the way I explained in these post: How to use data from Garmin devices

That’s a little better than the Garmin GPX version. In the future, the app will directly support Garmin.
And if possible can you send me a GPX file and the corresponding FIT file from one session to: so I can have a deeper look at what is causing the problems.

Thank you

best Matthias

Hi Matthias,
I returned the Garmin Instinct as I think it has some limitations - no Connect IQ / 3rd party app capability, limited memory, etc. I saw in your other post that you use the Locosys GW-60 and the Garmin Fenix watches, and you also said that Samsung Galaxy watches are working. I can get a pretty good deal on the Galaxy 3 and on a Garmin Fenix 5. Would the Galaxy work easily out of the box, with no need to manipulate FIT to GPX etc? Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob,

The galaxy will work easily. Downside is, that I only know the Samsung health app as tracker with gpx export. And with galaxy watch 4 Samsung will switch the operating system to Android so I would not expect so many updates in the future for the galaxy 3.

Maybe it’s worth to wait for a good deal for 4. Or use the fenix 5. I myself have the fenix 6. So this work a round with fit file transformation should be fixed in the future.

If you do other sports as well and go into water many times, especially salt water, I would recommend the fenix. They are made for that and have lots of nice and accurate data. And they made to least. The galaxy with touch screen and rotating while, I’m not sure how long it will survive salt water sessions.

Also coros have great watches, I think they also have fit export, which means it will work the same as with garmin.

Not so easy but I hope it helps.
I olso found a dry bag manufacturer here in Germany that finally have dry bags that least long. They are 8px proven.

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