Additional drop downs for other wingfoil gear

Would be great to be able to add additional drop downs for other wingfoil gear such as mast, fuse and stabilizer. I currently use fin for the front foil wing. Foilers are very equipment conscious…would be great to be able to track better. I want to mention that your application is really great. Thanks for your efforts.


thank you very much for the feedback.

The feature is already realized in the upcoming version 2, I just need a little more time to finish it.

hope you can wait a bit :slight_smile:

This is great to hear. Excited to use version 2 when you are ready and able to it. Thanks!!!

WST, I told a friend of mine (Big John) about the above discussion. He was excited for the future ability to have more dropdowns to add more types of equipment (mast, front foil, fuse, stabilizer, wing etc etc).

He also requested another thing which makes a lot of sense. Since there are so many foiling disciplines, he’d like to have activity groups like "wingfoil, down wind, Flat water, dock start, eFoil etc). I think this could also be in a dropdown. It should be something that can be “filtered on” to act like a group. Thanks for your app!!!


stay tuned for version 2 :wink: