Wrong distance displayed

I wonder why the distance recorded during the session is actually displayed shorter than in reality in every gpx I upload on the app.
Thank you


can you explain in more detail, please?
Did I understand correctly:
You record a session with the app. On the session recording screen is the distance a lot (not just 20 30 meters) longer than later in the session details screen?

Or did you mean that every GPX that you upload shows a shorter distance in the app compared to the app you used for recording?

in both cases, I would need an example GPX file. If possible please send one to support@sunbits.de

It could be that either there is a high error in the files. This could happen because you may be where the tracking device is under your wetsuit.
But to be clear, I need to look into the files and need an answer to my questions.

best regards

The second one.
So I upload a gpx file recorded with my garmin watch set with “every second record”…so gpx files are usually always very clear and clear.
I will send one couple gpx file then.
Thank you

just for completeness,
the solution is to use the original file (FIT files) and transform them into GPX and then import these GPX files.