Wing Surfing vs Wing Foil type

Hi, could you please explain the differences (if any) between the wing foil and wing surfing type selections for a session that are available.

Wing surfing is as I understand surfing with a wing. So you either use a normal windsurf board or a sup together with a wing.
Wing Foiling is when you use a foil together with a wing.

Does this make sense?
I added this as I saw this kind of people doing it. But in the last month I only saw wing foils no more wing surfers, maybe that changed.

I thought that was what you must have meant, but wanted to make sure. It’s technically correct but originally “wingsurfing” was the same as wingfoiling, there was only people on SUP Foil boards or Surf Foil boards using a Wing.

Do you set different planing speed thresholds for the “wing surfing” or does that category even have planing statistics, since they probably never plane?


yeah, I will think about this in the near future, how to integrate this best, but will need some time.
Yesterday I saw one using a SUP (without foil) and a Wing.

Yes, wing disciplines have different planing thresholds. For foil, you can ( until I improved it) count planing time as foiling time.

I suggest you can ignore SUP with wing (this is not really a sport in my opinion). Winging with a foil on a wingboard (short SUP) is the norm for wing foiling.

yes I kind of agree,
on the other hand, the app should also welcome new members for the sport, and they will most likely start on a sup.
And from time to time i still see people on Sup with a wing. Talking to them: they just wanted to enjoy slowness and relax.

i’m already working on a new version, that would still support both, but would put into the SUP sport direction. Means: either you wingfoil. or you sup with a wing (instead of paddle)

hope it make sense :slight_smile: