Wind direction algorithm errors

Great app, esp. responsiveness of the developer! However, wind direction is often 180° off. Even when many downwind runs are included. I’d like to attach sample files, but I don’t see an option to do that. Can I email them?

Hi Peter,

I got your emails and example files and thank you very much for the great feedback.
I had a look and what I see is:
the wind in all your 4 sessions where coming from the west, is it correct, round about 285°.?

even though there were downwind runs, most of the time you sailed nicely even up and downwind.
That could make some trouble for the algorithm. If this happens, then just open the menu (3 dots in the top right) and select: set wind direction manually.
In die dialog, just set from where the wind was really coming from. After this, all your jibe should be correct.

Does it make sense?
best regards

Thanks! I’ll try that. Yes, the wind in most of my examples is about 285°. I’m still trying to understand why many of my jibes are not detected. I may send you another file, after playing with the settings.

in case you where on a foil, you need to select also the foil discipline for this session.

I will look at the file.