Track speed colour

Can the colour for the speed on the track be made so the change in colour occurs at smaller intervals and at lower speeds. I sail a Topper and speeds are generally below 16kmph I only see two colours would be good to have intervals every 2kmph for example or be able to set this according to your preferences.

Hi Jason,

thank you very much for your feedback.

At the moment the speed colors are fixed in order to make it comparable.
The only color that is flexible at the moment it the dark blue. Dark blue indicates the planing speed until 25 km/h, then colors change every 5 km/h.

I may think of a second color graph, based on just the speed of the session.
As I’m working currently on another big feature, and there are many other features already on the waiting list, this will take a long time until I can think about it in more detail.
If I could include this within another feature earlier, I will let you know.

Sorry to don’t have a better answer for you at the moment.