Track speed colors

could you please let me know the lower and upper speed for each change of color displayed?
It would be very useful for post-session analysis.
P.s. I’m a wing-foiler

Hi Sergio.

white indicates always a none planing/foiling speed.
then it starts with blue colors, depending on the discipline planing/foiling speed.
From green(with blue) color it starts from 20 km/h in 5 km/h steps.
it gets from green yellow orange red pink purple and light blue for all speeds higher then 85 km/h.

so for you as wingfoiler,
dark blue colors means 10 till 20 km/h.
green colors are from 20 till 35 km/h
and yellow colors are from 35 till 50 km/h.

does that help you ?

I will add a legend on the map in the next big version.

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and thank you for the explanation, indeed it helps !
If I may suggest some possible improvement: from my session’s recordings I’ve noticed that the minimum flying speed is around 7-8 Km/h, so it would be great if every user could set his own threshold.
Another thing I’ve noticed: most of the flying time is in the range between 18 and 35 Km/h, so in my opinion in this range a more frequent change of colors (e.g every 5 Km/h) would be useful.

Thank you again and congratulations for sharing this great app.


are you sure you are flying at 7 km/h already? what kind of foil did you use?
The reason why the speed is fixed is, that everyone can compare with everyone. If someone would adjust the planing speed to 1 km/h, the statistics would not be comparable anymore with someone who sets it to 20km/h.

the change is every 5 km/h but with just a slightly different tone. so from blue, it gets into green into yellow, etc. if you zoom in you will see the in-between colors.

We are already working on a very big update, that will also have some improvements here.

From the speed charts like the one attached (in knots) I’m not sure, but quite confident, to fly near 7 Km/h;, anyway as soon as possible I’ll try to record some run at the lowest possible speed, to be more certain of that.
I currently use three Gong Curve foils: 2100, 1900, 1450 (with different minimum speed).
Regarding the comparison with other people, is it a feature of the app? (like Strava?) I may have missed that feature…

the speed chart is in knots. You see the green line there. This line indicates the planing speed.
In the chart, it is below 6 knots. As the graph shows, it looks like you were flying even faster than 6 knots.

To get to know your exact take-off speed do the following:

go to settings,
there enable audio feedback.
set it to a minimum speed of 4 km/h
set the feedback ratio to 1s.

now when you are on the water. increase the volume to the max and listen to the feedback while you take off.
repeat the take-off severals times to ensure you hear the same speed.

After your session, zoom into the speed chart, now check if the speed you heard is below the green line or at or above it.

Ok foils are very big. let us see what comes out after you checked with audio feedback.

The comparison is a feature, yes, but for the moment, it is a kind of manual comparison. So you either need to tell the values, show your screen or share a screenshot with your buddy.
But I’m currently working on improving this.

OK, today I did the test you suggested;
even if just before and during take-off it was too noisy to hear the speed, just after take-off I clearly heard several 13 and 14 (Km/h), so now I’m sure to fly at about 7 knots with the 1450 foil.
Please see the attached screenshots as a proof (one in Km/h, the other in Knots), where are recorded even some 12,… Km/h.
I see that now in the chart the planing speed line is displayed at 10 Km/h; I suppose you have changed it?

Note: I would also appreciate if other wingfoilers in this forum could share their “low speed records” :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice :slightly_smiling_face:
nothing changed, it was like this before. Maybe because you switched to km/h it is more clear now. The screenshot shows that the planing speed matches very good your takeoff speed :slight_smile:

The planing speed line is always shown. Maybe as before you didn’t select Wingfoil as discipline, which is the reason why it was higher.

Yes, I realize now that I did a bit of confusion between Km/h and Knots.
Thank you

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