Smartwatch Wear os

I prefer not to take my phone on the water.
Is there any way (other app) to record the session on my Samsung 5 pro watch and import it in your app ?
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Hi Olivier,

yes, there is a way with the Samsung Health app, that should be default on your watch, or any other Samsung watch app, that can export the sessions as GPX files.

I have written a little how-to for Samsung health in this post:

does it make sense to you?

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yes it does, I´ll look into it. thank you for your fast reply. Have you any plans to develop a matching wear os application ? Suppose not, but never know.


at the moment the focus is still on version 2 of Windsporttracker
then I’ll add support for sync with Garmin, then Polar.
I will check then if there is a good option for syncing with Samsung too.

The sync has the benefit that I don’t need to develop dedicated apps for all kinds of watches etc.

And for anyone just using the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (not the “Pro” version), Samsung Health does not provide the ability to export an exercise as a gpx :confused:

2 free workarounds that I know of :

  • install and use Ghostracer to record on your watch, sync to the Ghostracer app on your phone, export it as gpx on your phone and import it in Windsporttracker

  • install and use Strava to record on your watch, sync to the Strava app on your phone. On the app the gpx export is only for premium accounts only, so if you’re not premium, go to the Strava website and export as a gpx there and finally import it in Windsporttracker

The Ghostracer way is the easiest and the tracking app on the watch is also much more configurable than Strava.

Last info : the GPS fix can take forever on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 if not connected to the phone. Some say that not having Strava installed on the watch make it better, but I can’t confirm. What helps for sure is the “Wear GPS Fix” app on the watch which first locks the GPS and then launch the tracker of your choice (Samsung Health, Ghostracer, Strava etc…). At least you visually see what is happening during the GPS fix .

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I would think once you made 1 wear os app, it would work on all recent watches using this operating system. But not all watches use the same wear os version of course. I understand you concentrate on the phone app.

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I managed to record a bike trip on my Samsung 5 pro watch and export the gpx file to your app. Looks good!!.

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