Saving session issue

Hi Matthias,
The issue, I’ve written about on is in some way solved. It happens, when no distance has been recorded. During my first session after changing phone, by some reason there was no record of my windsurfing track. Probably that’s why there was a problem when I’ve been trying to save the session. So let’s say it’s not a problem.
Here you have the notification:
[Huawei P30 Lite(MAR-LX1A), android 10, emui 10.0.0] (app has access to work in background an ignore saving battery profile) Issue: When I press Stop buttun I get msg: “Processing unsuccesfull”, then I try to save session and I get info: “Statistics update failed” and session can’t be saved.

Now, my suggestions of developmen of this wonderful app:

  • when saving session without earlier entered sail, board or fin, there is no way to add new (i know I can do it later in eddition mode, but it would be easier to do it while saving).
  • it would be convinient to allow resume session after pressing “Stop” button.
  • also “Pause” button would be nice feature.
  • after starting session recording, there is usually additional ask with a button to confirm. It’s common in other apps for recording activities, and intuitively I’ve expected somthing like this in Windsport Tracker.

BTW: Sorry for not traslating description into polish, I’ve took up some time ago, but if you still have some content to translate, I coud give it a try.

Artur Żak

Hi Artur,

thanks for reaching out here :slight_smile: so everyone else can also participate.
Good to know it is now working :slight_smile:
The first record could be tricky as the app needs all permissions and also whitelisted for not being affected by battery optimizations.
Here I still need to improve, but it’s not that easy with all the different Android versions and manufacturers.

For added a gear during the edit, I will add this on the todo list, but please don’t expect it very soon as I’m working on another big feature at the moment. I believe(hope) many users will love it, but it still needs a lot of time.

Pausing a record is already on the todo list, I will do this. but the same here, time is limiting. I hope you can wait.

Hm, the extra button sounds interesting. I will think about it. Why I don’t have it right now is, because with WindsportTracker your phone is usually in a case and has water drops on it, which makes it sometimes hard to press the right buttons. So it should be as less possible clicks to start or stop a recording.

No problem, I used the Deepl auto-translation, I hope it’s fine. I needed to do it, as Google only allows new app languages if the description is also available in that language.

greetings Matthias