Not finding other sports than windsurf and kitesurf


Great app that I have been using for windsurf.
I have seen people using it for wingfoil, windfoil and other sports but i have just the choice of choosing between windsurf and kitesurf.
How can I access those sports ?

I am using french app(could use in english if it was possible) under android 10.

thank you very much for the feedback:)

you can select the other sports, via discipline.

so first open your session.
then go to the edit session
and then click on the discipline icon.
now scroll down until you see the wing sports.

does it help you?

we are currently working on a future version that will have easier support for this.

best Matthias

Thanks, that’s clearer!

Could you had stats by sport then in next update?

The stats by sport will be included in the big update, I’m currently working on.

It might be, that in between there will be a smaller update in case it’s needed for. bug fixing.