Moving my sessions from the old smartphone to the new one

how can I keep all the sessions I’ve imported for years in the activity list now that I have to change my smartphone?


I have an explanation of how you can do this here:

does it work?



thanks for the suggestions. It works perfectly.
As a matter of fact, I skipped the entire part of the file synchronisation since I simply moved the exported folder from the old phone to the new one with my SD card.
In the beginning, I was about to execute the correct procedure by myself, but I was wondering how to retrieve the info about the gear etc. After you told me it was passed through the gpx, I looked at the end of the gpx files and noticed there’s all this collateral information, with a very convenient identifier for each piece of gear.
I could have been less lazy and try it before asking and wasting your time…
But I’m glad you provided this capability and I thank you for the prompt response.

Best regards :slight_smile:

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