How to Back up data to transfer to new phone

Hi. Great app. It’s time for me to update my phone. What it the best way to save my data/ sessions so I can import them into my new phone when I install the app?


thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:
at the moment you need to export all your sessions.

One way is:

on the session list screen, select Export all from the top-right menu.
now wait a while until all sessions are exported.

Now go to google drive or dropbox or one drive etc.
there select to upload folders.
select the Windsporttracker folder from your SDcard. (home or root folder)

or open a file app, like Total Commander, and go to the Windsporttracker folder
select the GPX folder inside Windsportracker and share it with google drive, one drive or etc.

It is important that you save the GPX files because only GPX files contain additional information like your gear, your notes ratings, etc.

Keep in mind that the sessions are ordered in folders by year. So below the GPX folder, you see a folder 2021 2020, etc. where each of these folders has the sessions for this year.

Once all GPX files are saved, open google drive or whatever you had chosen,
select the GPX files and open the share dialog.

Now share the GPX files with WindsportTracker App.
The import of all files will take a while. You may need to repeat this step for every year’s folder.

Once all sessions are imported, also your gear is imported and notes ratings, etc.
But only with the GPX files.
don’t use SBP files for backup, they just contain the speed and location details but not the rest.

Is it useful and clear for you?

I’m sorry that you have to do this manually but an automatic backup is in development
Does it help you?

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Excellent. Finally got around to upgrading my phone and transfering the data to the new device. It worked well.
I had a samsung with a SD card so copied the GPX data to that, placed it into my new phone and imported it. Easy as. No problems.

Cheers, B.

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