Lost my session :(

Hello :slight_smile:
First of all amazing App, it makes me wanna get better and better !

I faced a problem yesterday with my recording.
It was recording a 2 hour session and whenI ended it it was written stop recording (and I saw that it was 2 hours recording). Then i save it and I realise its only 6 minutes. and not accurate at all.

I m not sure if I did something wrong.I m sure there is signal network there cause I recorded once there. What else could it be ? Could that be from a battery restriction?

Thanks a lot!


thanks a lot for the feedback :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that you have problems with the recording.
It sounds like that some battery optimizations caused that problem.

What kind of phone with which Android Version did you use?
You have to manually whitelist WindsportTracker because all these optimizations are not Android Standard.
On this page is described how you can whitelist any app.

Does this help you?