Lost all info in my phone. How to recover?

Hi Mathias,

My phone went dark today and I can’t recover windsport tracker data from phone. It’s stores data in phone only. Almost 2 years data lost. Would recommend to do paid, or free or donation version online recovery type or regular website. Going in phone repair shop, fingers cross to repair it, if no fix, will be sad news…

I can import data, but will take forever to do it, will be no info what gear I used too.

Thanks for great app, hope you will find solution for this problem.

Hi Darius,

I’m sorry for the problems with your phone.
I hope you told the repair service to not reset your phone in any case. If they do all is lost.
If maybe just the display is broken, but all the rest is working, there could be options to recover the data if it is possible to connect to the phone’s storage from your pc.

Did you ever make an export of your sessions from the app?
If so, reimporting the GPX files will also reimport your gear and notes ratings, etc. but only with the GPX files generated from the app.

I’m already working on a feature for this and hope to finish it soon. Not so easy because lots of requirements also from non-technical / functional side.

Hope they can recover your phone so the data isn’t lost.
best regards Matthias