Import kitesurf sessions

When I import gpx files allways save in mode windsurf and I cant change to mode kitesurf…


thank you very much for your feedback,
This is an issue that will be solved with the next update.

In order to change the to kitesufing do the following.

  1. go to settings (3 dots in the top right corner)
  2. select both sport types. (windsurf and kitesurf)
  3. open your session, click on edit.
  4. change sport type of session to kitesurf,

now you can select all the kitesurf disziplines.

does it work for you ?

Yes!! Work! Many thanks!!

With the update from today (version 1.92) this issue is fixed.
so if only kite surfing is selected as sport type, every import is handelt as a kitesurfing session.