How to record the session

Hi guy, I didn’t recognize how to record the session while I’m doing it!!
I supposed I’m missing one important step, do I suppose to carry on with me my phone with the app?
Or d
Is there any other device can help me out?
Many tx in advance…

Hi Fabio,

yes, you either need to have your phone with you.
You can use a waterproof bag like this:
to do so. Have in mind then the best position is to carry your phone is your upper arm/shoulder.
Don’t put it under your wetsuit.

The second option is you use another device like a smartwatch or so on, that is able to either export the session in GPX format or SBP. Then you can import these files into the app and see your results.

Does it make sense?

Yup thanks, so I’m more oriented for smartwatch or similar could you be so kind to tell me few of them that already have been working with the application?
Thanks in advance