Explain the speed section

OK So, In all the section 2 sec, 5 seconds etc. it has, 1st the fastests speed, for 2 seconds mines says 30.85 kn then 23.00 22.75 22.06 21.54 21.43 21 etc then a circle with line through it? 5x 24.04 10x 22.53.
For 5 seconds it reads 25.35 kn 22.43 21.20 20.77 20.53 20.31 and so on. then 5X 22.06 10X 21.11
So on the 2 seconds the 30.85 kn seems like a mistake, I clicked on the 2 sec section and the purple line is pointing down wind, crossing what was my fastest line, before I clicked the 2sec section. What are the other numbers after the top speed referring to? (23 22.75 22.06) And is the 5x saying I got up to 24.04 kn 5 times and 22.53 10 time - over 2 seconds?
if the 30.85 kn is a mistake can I remove it or how can I see the next fastest?
When I click on the 5 second section my Pink line is also heads down wind (on closer inspection it looks like a signal lost and reacquire, the pink line joins 2 end of lines. so how can I get/see the next fastest (my real fastest)
This was on Wing foil btw.


so usually you see your ten best runs, either for 2s 5s or 100m 250m, and so on.

below you see the average of the 5 best and from all ten (ten best runs)

Does this make sense?

regarding your very high speed at 2s, what kind of device did you used for recording?
It might be that there is a mistake, but it depends on how the data gets into the WindsportTracker app.

It was recorded on an android phone.
So the 10 readings are the peaks from 10 different runs? OK, so my top
speed was a mistake then the 5 average and 10 are off, so I go with the second reading.
OK, I get it now. Also you said you would put up a colour code so we could see what the colours for runs mean. It would be handy.

yes, the 10 readings are the peaks, but not from 10 different runs. It could be that all 10 are in the same run. In this case, it means, you only had very fast run, and you could hold up the top speed for a longer time.

the top speed you see on the first screen is a 1s value, whereas, on the speed details screens, it starts with 2s and then 5s 10s.
So it could be that the 1s value is a lot higher than the best 2s.
As 1s values are not so good, they will be dropped in version 2.

yes, colors will come.