Editing a GPX file from WST

  1. Is there any app (Windows, Android or web) that can edit GPX files created by WST? I want to delete waypoints. I would then want to import the session back into WST. The reason I want to edit is that twice now I have driven home before stopping session record. Yesterday I used phone in water and accidentally had 3 sessions running. Afterwards for some reason didn’t see the real session to stop it (until I got home). Of course, driving home before stopping session messes up speed, distance and the track recorded. Most importantly it messes up the overall Max Speed determined from all sessions. Even if editing not performed, I’d be happy if user could exclude a session from Max Speed 'calculations. (SOLVED - see my reply to myself below)

OK, I answered my own question and thought I would share. To recap, I had ‘corrupted’ a session because I did not STOP before driving home. Web based gpx.studio worked brilliantly for removing the end of session where I was driving my car (at top speed 78 mph). I export the bad GPX from WST, opened in gpx.studio, hovered over bad points and selected delete point. When finished I exported from gpx.studio and opened new file with WST. The trace is now correct. After a few minutes WST said “Updating statistics” and the top speed of 78 mph (from driving home) was gone from the overall stats on WST. Also, the length of the session was shorter by 30 min (after removal of my 30 min car ride). So, I am so stoked. I have another session where I drove between two wing foil spots and also got a 44 mph top speed. I will see if I can edit that session to correct. I may try to split into two sessions. My wife can’t understand why I care about any of this … but at least YOU probably understand. It’s fun, right.


We understand. You wife will never understand. :roll_eyes:

Hello, this happens to me regularly too. It would be great to have a feature allowing to trim the useless data points at the end of a session.
Love the app BTW, thanks a lot.


thanks a lot for the feedback. That is a great idea, and I will add it to the next update after the new version. So it will come, I just need more time.

I have done this a couple of times (forget to stop WST and drive away). I export the session, import it to the Locus map app on my android phone, chop off the end, export it, import it back to WST, and delete the old version. Takes a minute or two but it works. Being able to do it in WST itself would be a welcome improvement.


Yes, will add this, the new version ( that is needed as the base) is close to finish :slight_smile: