Don't track properly

The ap doesn’t track the session properly. Only about 1 min. is recorded. All battery optimization has been turned of. Using Samsung S22+


could you please explain how you use the app exactly? so what are you doing after you hit the record button etc?

Could you please also test if you just press the record button and take a 5 min outside walk while holding your device in your hand?
and here first.
leave the screen on
and second turn the screen off.

How do these two cases work? in both also just 1 min recording?

thank you

I am using WST perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S22 (Android 12). I don’t remember what I had to do to make it work (I tthink I followed suggestions in WST). Wasn’t much trouble getting it going (I did go into power settings and turned off battery optimization for this app I guess… but don’t remember the details). I typically turn on session, wait for it to get satellites and then nearly immediately turn off screen for my 90 min session. I have 28 sessions in the last few months. One of 29 sessions failed to record for some reason that I don’t understand… but I am very satisfied with WST.

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