Data lost after saving

Hi, great app, thanks for making an effort!!

The app was workib fine and giving me great feedback about session. But since last week I’ve noticed that after saving there are gaps in the data.
For example, before save I can see top speed being 36kmh, after save drops to 31kmh, when looking at the graph time/speed. There gaps for 20-30 min between spikes.
I’ve changed to sample every 1sec originally, so I can get better data resolution. That the only change I did but also long about 3 month ago when I found the app.

I’ll try to attach screenshots


thanks for using the app.
Did you use the app itself to record your sessions? Or did you use another device?
What kind of device did you use?

Is it possible to send me one GPX file that has the problem to: So I can check the data itself.

best regards Matthias

Hello, Same issue for me after recording with my Android Phone. There is a gap in the session. After checking the exported GPX on other soft, all the data are here. So maybe a calculation issue in the app…

Anyway, great app !


Hi Greg,

thanks for using the app and for the feedback.

If you said the data is there, I think the problem is the accuracy.
The app filters out data with too low accuracy, as those points can’t be trusted.

What kind of phone do you use?
How do you carry your phone while surfing?

If possible can you send me an example file?

I use my Xperia xzs in a waterproof bag inside my wetsuit. The accuracy of the lost data in the GPX files are :between 12 and 30

> <trkptwst accuracy="16" elapsedrealtimenanos="0" />.

What is the limit ?

Hi Greg & WST.
sorry, was away camping…
Here is my reply, and thanks to WST for the support.

My problem was a weak GPS signal as a result of keeping the phone under wetsuit. I now put a t-shirt on top and keep phone between tight t-shirt and wetsuit. Thinner layer of wet clothes is not reducing signal as much, hence less weak datapoints. Only tried couple times as there was no wind, but so far so good.

WST was suggesting to use an arm band - I’m sure it will be even better, but I did hit my arm into the boom when catapulting, so didn’t want to damage the phone

Thanks for the support again.

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Yes, seem to be the same issue.
thanks, Ales

best is to wear it on your upper arm.
Here is a very good case:
they also have one for the chest over your wet suit.

does it help you?

yes, I would count this as a user error :slight_smile: at least in my case. Keeping the phone outside of wetsuit did work for me.

Just moved my phone under a thin lycra, and it works like a charm. May thanks for the excellent support for this excellent app.

nice to hear :slight_smile:
enjoy it