App did not backup to Google Drive

Hi, my phone died and I am unable to access the data. When I went to my Google Drive to check the backups the Windsport Tracker application was not one of the apps that was backed up! I’ve lost about 18 months of sessions :sleepy:. There were 86 apps that backed up. Is there a reason why the app is not being recognized and backed up by Google? I’d really like this capability to work. I don’t want to have to remember to manually back up sessions to an alternate storage. Thanks for any advice.


I’m sorry that you lost all your sessions. :frowning:
I know this problem and I’m currently working on a solution for this within the next big update.

The reason why the auto backup function doesn’t work is that this is very limited to the amount of data that can be stored.
WindsportTracker needs a lot more space, that’s why Google didn’t back up anything.
Also, the intention of WindsportTracker is to work completely without any connections.

For the moment you can backup your data if you share/export your session with google drive manually. In this case, only the GPX files are important. They contain everything, also your gear comments, etc.

I hope I will finish the big update I’m currently working on around may, that will have an auto backup function.

best Matthias

Hi Mathias, I was lucky to have a backup but an automatic backup to online storage would be greatly appreciated. That would be a feature that would be worth a payment.


thats good to hear that you had a backup.

An automatic backup is already in development as part of a very big update :slight_smile:
best Matthias

Hi Mathias,
Any news on this?


it is still in development. due to an accident, I couldn’t work on it. that’s why I’m delayed and will not make it by the end of this year.
Sorry for that, but hope to finish a first alpha version soon.

I’m sorry to hear that. Hope you are better now. Looking forward to a new version. Having said that, have you considered making your software open source and/or consider other ways that people can help out?


thank you, it’s getting better day by day.
Yes, I had, and I decided for several reasons against it.
The reason it takes so long is not just because of this feature, it’s because of a lot of new things.