Add Jibes, Tacks in statistics for wing category

Hi, I notice that you show Jibe statistics for “windsurfing” type categories. Can you add Jibes in for Wing categories too? Is it possible to tell whether the gps track has performed a jibe vs a tack? If so could Tacks be added in as a statistic? Thanks!

ps, have used the app for about 6 sessions, it’s really great, looking forward to any improvements and additions!

Cheers! Rob


ah yes I’m sorry, for sure I will show the data for Wings as well.

To detect a proper tack is very hard, as a tack is spike in the graph, and this could also be just a normal crash. Detecting a jibe is a lot easier but detecting a success jibe vs failed is also not that easy.

So for Tacks there would be a lot of failures. Instead I could just simply add “turns”. So you would have the number of turns and the number of jibes where turns could also be a turn because of a crash.

does it make sense for you?

Hi, yes I thought it may be hard to identify tacks.

For “success” is it currently a jibe that does not go below the planing threshold for a given foil category? If that is how you do it, a foiling tack should keep speed and be a success.

How do you determine that it is a jibe? Do you calculate the change in direction relative to the wind direction?

Thanks, cheers, stay healthy and happy!


a success jibe is one where you didn’t lose your sail (just sail drop or you fall into the water anyway).

I won’t explain how the jibe detecting is working in detail, but in general, a well-done jibe is a well-done circle.

for a tack, yes there could be planing tacks, but that’s even harder than a planing jibe. So typical tack is a very slow maneuver where you can also drift backward and it’s still all fine.

does it make sense for you?